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Katie Timoney

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Anna Hobbs

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Tyler Patton

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Jon Beshara

Jean Paul Sartre, best known as an existentialist philosopher, was also a novelist and prolific playwright. No Exit was partially inspired by his time in prison camp during the Nazi occupation, and tells a complex tale of self-deception and identity through three deceased characters trapped with each other after their deaths. His absurdist view of hell is at its essence a farce, as his protagonists are locked in a room with their unfolding realization that the judgement of others is more terrible than any imagined demonic horror; and that the image we present may not reflect the deeper truth.  

Part psychological thriller, part farce, this new adaptation written and directed by St. Augustine’s Heather Eggleston (recently seen in The Independents, Enemy of the People, Blithe Spirit) updates the language but the ideas are as relevant as they were when the play was first performed in Nazi occupied Paris. 

The cast of NE Florida favorites Katie Timoney (A Shayna Maidel, Bus Stop, Blithe Spirit), Anna Hobbs (Wait Until Dark, Rumors, Calendar Girls), Tyler Patton (Shadowlands, 12 Angry Men, Blithe Spirit), and Jon Beshara (1984, Shrink Rap) offers a fresh take on the existentialist classic.

This production promises to be more an immersive experience than merely watching a show. Though considered to be a classic, No Exit is not very often staged and this production offers a unique opportunity for NE Florida audiences.

Keep in touch, we have more exciting productions in store for the remainder of the season and some surprises. 

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