our 2021-2022 main productions

Does anyone even use a dining room anymore?  Doesn’t everyone want a Joanna Gaines open concept home? Our first play of the season, The Dining Room by A. R. Gurney, tackles that question by using that room, and its declining importance, to comment on how American society has changed for better and worse. The result is hilarious and touching.

The Dining Room skips back and forth over the decades of the 20th century. We see the dining room go from hallowed ground to a pointless waste of space. Characters keep trying to break it up or repurpose it.  While Gurney uses upper crust WASP families to showcase this, the now neglected room which was once a vital center of family life is universal to all cultures and social strata in the US.

We invite you join us in seeing the actors change roles, personalities and ages as they portray a wide variety of characters, from little boys to stern grandfathers, and from giggling teenage girls to Irish housemaids.

Sisters OToole logo.png

A new play written by Amy Lauer Goldin

When you grow up in a complicated Irish - Catholic family riddled with secrets, scandal and mommy issues, what do you hold on to when life blows up in your face? 

The  Sisters O'Toole reveals the struggles of a family dealing with crises of faith, unfaithfulness, prejudice, hypocrisy and the unlikely possibility of love, all with dark Irish humor.

"Well, that escalated quickly." - the family motto.

Coming in January, 2022

No Exit logo.png

Coming in March, 2022

Three strangers are locked in a room, damned to eternity. 


Jean Paul Sartre’s dark comedy, No Exit, follows a trio's dawning realization that Hell is not torture and demonic horrors but the reflection of oneself in the eyes of others. 

As Garcin famously says: "Hell is other people." 


Part psychological thriller, part farce, this new adaptation of an absurdist classic, updates the language and setting but the ideas are as relevant as they were when the play was first performed in Nazi occupied Paris. A Classic Theatre presents an immersive production that asks us to grapple with authenticity in a world of alternative facts and social media influencers.

This production is adapted by Heather Eggleston.

The Immigrant logo.png

Coming in May, 2022

Rural Texas, 1909. Haskell Harelik, a nineteen-year-old Russian émigré, arrives at the port of Galveston, Texas. Far from his native land and struggling with an alien language, Haskell becomes a penny-a-piece fruit peddler in and around the small town of Hamilton. In the decades that follow, he attains success as a merchant and community leader—and is recognized as a beloved husband, father, and neighbor. Religion meets religion, culture meets culture, fear meets fear, and love meets love.

This is Haskell Harelik’s story……..and our story. This play is written by Mark Harelik.

“Harelik’s irresistible comedy-drama is one of the sweetest and coziest plays imaginable.”—Houston Post