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our 2024-2025 SEASON

Bakersfield Mist Logo.png

Maude, an unemployed bartender living in a trailer park, has bought a painting for a few bucks from a thrift store. Despite almost trashing it, she’s now convinced it’s a lost masterpiece by Jackson Pollock worth millions. But when a world-class art expert flies over from New York to authenticate the painting, he has no idea what he is about to discover.

Inspired by true events, this hilarious and thought-provoking new comedy-drama asks vital questions about what makes art and people truly authentic. 

This special production will be in partnership with The St. Augustine Art Association to celebrate their 100th anniversary in the Ancient City

Presented at The Waterworks
184 San Marco Avenue,  St.Augustine Florida, 32084



Admissions logo.png

Sherri Rosen-Mason is head of the admissions department at a New England prep school, fighting to diversify the student body. Alongside her husband, the school’s headmaster, they’ve largely succeeded in bringing a stodgy institution into the twenty-first century. But when their only son sets his sights on an Ivy League university, personal ambition collides with progressive values, with convulsive results. A no-holds-barred look at privilege, power, and the perils of hypocrisy.

November 1, 2024 - 7:30pm

Presented at The Center for Spiritual Living
1795 Old Moultrie Rd., St Augustine, 32084

Its a Wonderful Life logo.png

Experience a unique twist on the beloved holiday classic as it is retold in the form of a live 1940s radio broadcast, offering a refreshing break from the tech-centric world we live in. With the help of an ensemble, the story of idealistic George Bailey unfolds as he considers ending his life one fateful Christmas Eve. You'll be transported to a different time when radio ruled the entertainment world.

––"One of the best holiday shows around.
This is a fresh and inventive way of reconnecting
with a classic story of love and redemption."

Mary Houlihan, Chicago Sun-Times

Presented at The Waterworks
184 San Marco Avenue,  St.Augustine Florida, 32084


Mornings After Grace logo.png

Hilarious and heart-warming, this unconventional comedy tackles love, loss, and coming to terms with growing old. After hooking up at a funeral, Angus and Abigail find themselves waking up the next morning wrapped in sheets on Angus’ sofa. Strangers just the day before, Abigail thinks she may finally be ready to take another chance on love, but Angus has a few issues to work through first. Enter neighbor Ollie, formerly a baseball player for the Detroit Tigers who now enjoys golf and yoga. Nothing is as it seems with this trio and every disclosure reveals a new perspective.

January 10, 2025 - 7:30pm

Presented at The Center for Spiritual Living
1795 Old Moultrie Rd.,  St Augustine



Who Am I Logo.png

Three early comic masterpieces by Kurt Vonnegut (Long Walk to Forever, Who am I This Time? and Go Back to Your Precious Wife and Son) are sewn together into a seamless evening of hilarity and humanity and Vonnegut’s singular wit and insight into human foibles.

February 7, 2025 - 7:30pm

Presented at The Center for Spiritual Living
1795 Old Moultrie Rd.,  St Augustine

Good People Logo.png

Life in Boston’s Southie neighborhood is no joke for single mother Margaret Walsh. Fired from her job, facing eviction, she doesn’t know whether to risk it all on a game of bingo, or join a drunken old classmate on a warm bit of sidewalk. Will she catch a break from the cranky young manager at the Dollar Store or the landlady with a craft business selling googly-eyed rabbits? Or the man from her past, now a successful doctor, who left town at a crucial moment long ago? With wry humour and astonishing realism, Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright David Lindsay-Abaire creates both a loving portrait of his hometown and a widely relatable tale of socio-economic struggle. In the world of Good People, we see that very few can afford to be as good as they think they are, but acts of sacrifice and gestures of kindness come at the most surprising moments and from the most unexpected of sources.

Presented at The Waterworks
184 San Marco Avenue,   St. Augustine



Bite Sized Theatre logo.png

Our Staged Readings series concludes with a selection of 10-minute plays that explore different themes. These are full plays lasting 10 minutes each, not excerpts.

April 25, 2025 - 7:30pm

Presented at The Center for Spiritual Living
1795 Old Moultrie Rd.,  St Augustine

The Foreigner Logo.png

The Foreigner is a laugh out loud comedy of misunderstandings, by American playwright Larry Shue. The story takes place in a fishing lodge in rural Tilghman County, Georgia where two Englishmen, Froggy and Charlie, arrive as guests. The shy Charlie agreed to accompany Froggy on the trip after his sick wife begged him to go. When people at the lodge try to talk to Charlie, however, he remains silent: he is terribly shy, depressed about his wife's illness, and cannot find the words to reply. Froggy claims that Charlie cannot talk because he is a "foreigner" from an exotic country, and does not understand English. Taking the explanation that he's a non-English speaker as fact, the lodge's guests quickly begin revealing their secrets, and Charlie soon discovers scandals amongst some of the residents of the lodge.

Presented at The Waterworks
184 San Marco Avenue Augustine Florida

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