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Written by Christopher Ward

Directed by Jean Rahner

Produced by Cindy Alexander

Starring Heather Eggleston & Kelly McTaggart

November 13-14 and 20-21 at 7:30pm,

November 15 and 22 at 2:00pm


For information and tickets, please visit the Art Association website at:

Friends, lovers, adversaries, collaborators…?


The details and realities of the relationship between Mary Cassatt and Edgar Degas eludes us. He the difficult Frenchman, she the strong-willed American, both had an artistic kinship that developed into a 40-year friendship, though there has been much speculation that there was more to their special rapport.Though no real evidence of a physical relationship has been found, there is evidence of the influence each had on the other’s work in their paintings and sculptures.


Mary Cassatt with Her Dog by Edgar Degas

After visiting a Degas-Cassatt exhibit at the National Gallery in 2014, playwright Chris Ward was inspired to explore that relationship. After a year doing extensive research, he finished the play The Independents. Though very few first hand accounts exist, Ward brings their tumultuous connection to life with great accuracy, authenticity and humor. Their razor-sharp wit on display as neither one would back down from a good fight. The Independents will instruct as well as entertain, and brings to life two of the most iconic impressionist artists of all time.

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