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Directed by Cindy Alexander

When you grow up in a complicated Irish - Catholic family riddled with secrets, scandal and mommy issues, what do you hold on to when life blows up in your face?

The  Sisters O'Toole reveals the struggles of a family dealing with crises of faith, unfaithfulness, prejudice, hypocrisy and the unlikely possibility of love, all with dark Irish humor.

Cast of Characters
The O'Tooles are an Irish American working class family

The Sisters:
Regina Marie O'Toole (Gina) - female, early to mid forties 
Theresa Ann O'Toole Mahoney (Terry)- female, late 30's, early forties

The Mother:
Kathleen O'Toole (Mommy) - female, late 60's-ish

The Brother:
Denny O'Toole - male, mid to late 30's

Denise Minetti - female, 30's Denny's fiance
Jimmy Mahoney - male, early 40's, Terry's husband
Dr. Musa Ali Hasan - male, Black, 45-50  
Big Mickey Flynn - male, late 60's early 70's

Performances will be in late January, 2022

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