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Written & directed by Deborah K. Dickey

An original work by playwright/director Deborah Dickey, brings to life a crucial period in the career and private life of the acclaimed author of The Yearling and Cross Creek. In a time before e-mail and social media, the letters between the author and second husband Norton Baskin reveal a deepening friendship and affection, as she comes to rely more and more on the humor and irresistible charm of the gentleman from Alabama.

The cast features two extraordinary performances by Nancy Grote as Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings and Ashley Carter as Norton Baskin revealing a relationship threatened by a clash of  personalities and a long separation during WW II. What emerges is a surprisingly modern  marriage between the world-renowned author and an hotelier with his own gift for  storytelling. Marjorie’s cottage at Crescent Beach, her farm at Cross Creek, and St. Augustine  itself provide the backdrop for the play.

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